The 3M Online Respirator Medical Evaluation System is designed to assist you by offering a convenient, efficient, and cost effective method of providing medical evaluations for your employees that wear respirators.

There are several steps to creating an account in the 3M Online Respirator Medical Evaluation System. Each of these steps are necessary to assure that you are providing all of the information required by OSHA in 1910.134(e) so the doctors have the information necessary to make a proper determination.

Account set up procedures are as follows:

  1. Click on ‘New Account Sign Up’. Enter your Company Information and create an Administrative Login by entering your email address and a password. Click Continue. Enter the number of evaluations you want to purchase. Once an evaluation is purchased, it is non-refundable however it will not expire. You must purchase a minimum of 50 evaluations to use a purchase order. You may purchase any amount using a credit card.

  2. An email will be sent when the purchasing process is complete. Follow the link in that email for complete instructions on how to finish setting up your account. What follows below is only an overview. The administrator must enter the following information before employees can begin testing:
    • Referral Instructions – Two percent of employees who take the evaluation will provide medical information which requires our doctors to refer them to a face to face evaluation. Where the employee goes for this follow up appointment is up to you. You will need to enter instructions for your employees who are referred.
    • Respirator Profiles - the respirator mask type and conditions under which your employees wear respirators. The specific brand of mask is not necessary
    • Enter Employees/Get Login Code – The names of each employee that will be testing, and what Respirator Profiles they need to test against (employees may test against up to 7 different profiles at one time).

Once account set up is complete, your employees are ready to begin taking the evaluation. Each employee will be assigned a login code when the administrator enters him/her into the system and attaches him/her to one or more Respirator Profiles. Employees will be able to use their login IDs to access the system at www.respexam.com.

Note: There are special account set-up options for large, multi-location or multi-divisional companies. For more information on large company set-up, please contact us at 1-800-383-3393.

Ninety-eight percent of employees are medically cleared by the Online Respirator Medical Evaluation System. Employers may opt to receive an email notification regarding the medical determination for each employee. Administrators may also login anytime to review the status of an employee, print certificates, etc.

Employees not able to be cleared will be notified by email. It is very important the employee enter their own, valid email in order to receive results of the evaluation and communicate with us about their evaluation. If referred, employees will receive instructions via email on how to obtain the Referral Instructions entered by the administrator, as well as a letter to give to the PLHCP they will see for follow up explaining why they were referred.
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